Italy Through My Eyes

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Lago Maggiore – Cannero Riviera

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Lago Maggiore is interesting as it lies within (or divided into) 3 regions; 2 in Italy (Piedmont and Lombardy) and Switzerland’s canton Ticino. Although it is the second largest lake in Italy, it is the longest lake in Italy and the largest lake in Switzerland. Lago Maggiore was recommended to me by a friend in Milan – in particular the Cannero Rivera which lies on the north-western point of the lake – nestled up against [...]

Italian Custom Made Shoes

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While in Torino, a friend took me to Piazza Savoia in the historic center of Torino (Turin).  Piazza Savoia was designed in the 18th Century, as Torino’s citizenry grew larger.  At that time it was known as Piazza Plum.  The square went through many name changes between the time it was built and and 1860 when the name was changed to Piazza Savoia.  Today the Piazza is famous for the imposing obelisk of Beveno, which stands 20 [...]